There are few things more transparently undignified in this world than a drinker making an effort to appear sunny and energetic in order to prove to the world that he is innocent of a hangover. (c) Stephen Fry, "The Hippopotamus"
10.08.2010 в 13:13
Пишет Murmeliini:

Исчерпывающе. Наверное, грустно.
10.08.2010 в 09:52
Пишет Asena:

"Universal citizen", an inhabitant of anywhere whose roots are nowhere. Aimless vagabond in the no-man's land of cities, fragmented and diluted in a multitude of opinions, desires, impulses, feelings, and attitudes: atomized residues of a process of centrifugal dispersion with no sign of a convergence to balance it. (c)

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